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About this project

We are a nation of immigrants. Currently one in four U.S. citizens is an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. They range from the impoverished to the wealthy. Some arrived via first class air, and others barely survived a boat trip in a dinghy. 

Unfortunately, the politics of immigration have created a lot of impersonal dialogue. So, we're working to bridge the gap, to reconnect the faces of real people to this controversial topic. 


What We've Done

The idea to compile immigration stories in one cohesive series started in early 2016. Elevate Publishing's CEO, Mark Russell, connected with former Democratic House Majority Leader Dick Gephardt, and the relationship ignited a mutual passion to record and share immigrants' life experiences:

"Immigrants are valuable contributors to the US, but their stories are relatively unknown. As a result, their value is unrecognized. We want to elevate their stories so that we can collectively realize how foundational they are to our nation historically and how necessary they are for continued progress."

For over a year, our publishing team collected stories from local restaurant owners to Major League Baseball players and powerhouse CEOs. We drew the attention of Amazon and in October 2016, we released the first Kindle of, what will be, a multi-book series called The American Immigrant.


Where We're Going

As a publishing company, we are passionate about books; however, we are not so naive to think that a book is the best medium to spread, what we believe to be, an extremely important message. We believe the most valuable way to expose a national audience to our incredible stories is through the creation of a full-length feature documentary.

ENTER KICKSTARTER. This resource will provide you with the information you need to support and help us fund the production and promotion of this documentary. This is a project about people, about our humanity, and we want as many people as possible to participate in its production.

The film, like the books, will celebrate the American legacy of immigration by featuring stories of first-generation Americans. Alongside director Jonathan Cipiti, we will spotlight the stories of a select group of immigrants to lead viewers to a renewed appreciation for the people involved, in hopes of refreshing their pride in this great American tradition.