The American Immigrant Book series

The American Immigrant book series will educate us about the powerful social contributions of immigrants and help us understand that immigrants are here to serve and improve our country. A large majority of immigrants are extremely motivated to succeed. They want to be Americans and contribute to our society. They’re incredibly grateful to be in America because of the experiences they have endured in their home countries. 

The book series is not designed to be a current guide to policy. We have release the first volume, The Outsiders. Available wherever fine books are sold, this volume is the beginning of many more to come.

Volume one: The outsiders

True Stories. Real People. Current Issues.

Volume One of The American Immigrant series, The Outsiders, shares immigrant stories connected to our current cultural climate and celebrates those who help build our nation. This is the first volume in a series of short books filled with incredible stories of adversity, freedom, and success.

In this volume you'll connect with stories of immigrants who came to the United States as refugees; who overcame religious persecution; who arrived poor, but had the determination to make a life for themselves in America; and who, at one point, were undocumented. The Outsiders shares the true stories of the people behind the label.

Immigrant Spotlight
Barbaro Garbey, Former Major League Baseball Player
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Barbaro Garbey left behind the world he knew in Cuba for the chance to shine on the diamond in America. Credit: Detroit Tigers, Inc.